Build and run locally

Build the app

Once you’re all set up, to build and run the app you will simply run:

make all
make run

Here are more detailed instructions.

  1. Make a copy of ./electricbook.yml to ./electricbook-0.yml and configure the parameters as needed. You must set the Client ID and Client Secret of your own GitHub OAuth application:

      client: "-clientID from github oauth application configuration-"
      secret: "-secret from github oauth application configuration-"

    Do not commit this file to version control.

  2. Get a personal access token from GitHub (Settings > Developer Settings > Personal access tokens. At “Select scopes”, you currently only need to select repo.

    Place the token and your GitHub username in ~/.ebw.yml:

      - token:
      - name:
  3. Run npm install to install the rest of the dependencies.

  4. Generate the production-ready CSS by running:

    gulp scss

    If you’re going to make changes to the SCSS in the src directory, run gulp watch to watch for changes.

  5. If you’re going to make changes to the JS in the src directory, install DTemplate, then run

    dtemplate -dir src/ts -lang ts -logtostderr -out src/ts/Templates.ts -watch


    rollup -c --watch

    to watch for changes.

  6. To build, enter in the Terminal:

    make all

    This will create two binaries in bin: electricbook, which is the EBM web app, and ebw, which is a CLI app.

  7. Start the app with:

    make run

    (This make command simply does bin/electricbook -logtostderr web.)

    This must be run from the repo directory, since it needs access to the public directory, to some other directories it will create on the fly, and to the electricbook.yml configuration file.

    You can then open the EBM in your browser at http://localhost:16101/.

For convenience, run make dev to start the app and watch the Sass, Typescript and dTemplates all at once. Note that this runs the processes in parallel, and you may need to kill processes manually when you’re done.