The ebw CLI tool

Basic Settings

ebw -u [alias]

Sets the user (as defined by name in config file) for this session

ebw -config [filename]

Loads the ebw configuration from [filename]

ebw cli users

Lists all the users configured for the CLI (based on config file)

ebw cli user

Find out which user we are currently working as. You can force this with -u, or ebw will find it from the current repo-owner on github of the working directory of the currently checked out repo.

ebw github username

Displays the github username of the current user

ebw github repos

Lists all the repos owned by the current user on github

ebw github delete-repo [reponame]

Deletes the named repo from your github account. USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION.

ebw book new [name-of-book-repo]

Creates a new book with the given repo name in your github account, and checks it out into your local directory.

ebw book contribute [name-of-user]/[name-of-repo]

Creates a copy of the given book so that you can contribute to the book (and does a clone: copies the files to the current working directory)

ebw book clone [name-of-book-repo]

Same as ‘git clone’ with appropriate github settings, creating a local copy of the repo from your github account.

ebw book pull-request [message]

Sends a pull-request on the current directory to ? origin-master?

ebw book pull

ebw book push