Contribute to an existing project

A project can contain one or more books, such as a series or collection. It will be stored on GitHub as a single repository.

When you contribute to an existing project, you create your own version of it to work in. That is, you copy a parent project. Then, from time to time, you can choose to submit your changes to that parent.

To create a new project, see Create a new project.

Before you make your copy, you need to have ready:

  • the GitHub username of the owner (an organisation or an individual, e.g. electricbookworks)
  • the GitHub name of the project repository (e.g. superpotatoes) you want to contribute to.

Together, those two things make up the GitHub identity of the project, e.g. electricbookworks/superpotatoes.

  1. Once signed in, from the dashboard click:

    • ‘Add a project’
    • ‘Contribute to an existing project.’
    • ‘Next’.
  2. Enter the GitHub owner and repo for the project you will contribute to. e.g electricbookworks/superpotatoes. Then click ‘Copy project’.

It may take a few minutes for the Electric Book Manager to set up your project for you, ready for adding content.

Technical note: Contributing to an existing project creates a fork of the parent repository in your account on GitHub.