Electric Book Manager privacy policy

The point of the Electric Book Manager (‘EBM’) is to provide a non-technical, publishing-focused interface for managing and editing your GitHub repositories, which are known as ‘projects’ on the EBM. It works only on repositories built with the Electric Book template.

When you use the EBM, it connects to your GitHub account to read and write to your repositories, and to update your user data (for example, to see and accept invitations to collaborate on projects on the EBM).

You are placing a great deal of trust in the organisation that hosts and manages the EBM you use. Since the EBM code is open-source, you may come across different instances of the EBM hosted by different people. Note that each instance should have its own privacy policy, specific to the organisation that hosts and manages it. You can revoke an EBM’s permission to access your GitHub account in your GitHub settings.

This privacy policy applies to EBMs hosted and managed by Electric Book Works (‘EBW’) at electricbook.works domains.

What data do we store?

When you open a project (a repository) on the EBM, the EBM makes a copy of it (technically, a git clone) on the EBM server. This copy includes only your username, the name of the repository you have opened, and its contents (including its Git history).

When you edit your project on the EBM, changes are first saved to that clone, and then synced to your GitHub account when you commit changes.

When you generate a preview of your project (e.g. a website or PDF) on the EBM, we temporarily store the generated files on the EBM server.

What we do with your data

Our staff and agents have full access to your cloned repositories (‘projects’) on the EBM, including the ability to push changes to their content to GitHub. This is necessary for providing customer support and for debugging and improving the EBM.

We will not create, store or analyse information about the contents of your repositories without your explicit permission. We will never access or ask for your GitHub account’s user data, other than your username.

We will never share any of your content or data with anyone without your explicit permission.

You can ask us to delete your cloned repositories and user account from our EBM servers at any time.