EBW training

Electric Book Works has from time to time designed training courses for publishing teams. We have also shared our notes on our Knowledge Base.

Designing for Digital

Designing for Digital is a practical course on ebook-friendly book production for designers, editors and production managers. Most publishers are looking to use their content in ebooks or on websites, and this practical introduction helps production teams understand how to work in ebook-friendly ways, even when their books are destined for print.

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InDesign best practice for print and ebooks

This course is for editors and designers who work in InDesign and need to set up documents for reliable export to epub. It is included in condensed form in Making ebooks with Sigil, HTML and CSS.

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Making ebooks with Sigil, HTML and CSS

Making ebooks with Sigil, HTML and CSS is an in-depth, practical crash course in ebook production, ideal for editorial and production staff familiar with InDesign. The aim is to provide your organisation with in-house technical expertise for quality assurance and production-process decisions. We teach basic HTML and CSS (stylesheets) to enable participants to create, evaluate and fix basic epubs, and to know how to tackle problems when they arise. Participants work mostly in Sigil and a little InDesign, learning how best to edit content and control layout.

This course includes condensed versions of Starting out with HTML and CSS and InDesign best practice for print and ebooks.

Participants must be regular ebook users themselves, so that they are already familiar with the products they are learning to create.

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Multi-format editing

This is a two-day course for publishing and editorial staff, and curious authors, on how to edit content for multi-format output. Increasingly, we’re producing content that will be read on paper and on devices large and small, fast and slow, online and offline. How do we make sure our content makes sense in these different contexts?

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Must-have tech skills for publishing pros

A two-day introductory course for publishing pros who need to understand digital production; collaborate on digital projects; work for web clients and app developers; and brief technical colleagues with confidence.

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Digital Decisions

Digital Decisions is a closely facilitated workshop for middle and senior managers. We cover a range of nitty gritty issues, including:

The workshop can be held over one or two days, depending how much time you can devote to these issues, and how much depth you need your team to get into. Over one day, the workshop is a useful introduction to the many issues your team has to consider when making digital decisions.

Over two days, the workshop can serve as a strategy session, getting everyone on the same page. For the two-day version, we include a second facilitator to keep notes of key discussions and decisions and write up a report for you of key decisions, issues for further investigation and action points from the workshop.

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