Docs for developers

If your EBM handles many and/or large repos, you may need to move storage from the default location to separate storage. Read more

How to build and run the EBM app locally. Read more


The EBM project includes a CLI for certain Electric Book operations. Read more

If a user’s Git repo gets mixed up, you may need to resolve it manually, in their clone of the repo on the EBM server. Read more

How to conttribute to the EBM project. Read more

You deploy the EBM with Make and Ansible. Read more

EBW serves the site through an HAProxy proxy server. Read more

Setting up your development environment. Read more

On the EBM we want to avoid using technical Git terms in favour of common editorial, publishing terms. Read more

Tips for identifying problems. Read more

How the EBM code is structured: src and public, HTML templates, Go, Sass, Typescript, DTemplate. Read more

You can restrict who can log into your Electric Book Manager, for only your specified users. Read more