Docs for users

The Electric Book Manager is a web application for working with books. Those books are created as Electric Book projects. Your books are stored in your GitHub account.

How does the EBM show only Electric Book repos? The EBM will show any repo in your GitHub account that has a _data/meta.yml file, which is a key element of any Electric Book project.

How to add and replace images in your books. Read more

When you work with others on a project, you each work in your own copy of the project. One (or more) of your team manage the original version of the project. Read more

How to contribute to someone else’s Electric Book-based project. Read more

A project can contain one or more books, such as a series or collection. It will be stored on GitHub as a single repository. You create a new project from a template. Read more

The design of your books is created in CSS stylesheets. These are written in syntaxes called CSS or Sass. Read more

How to edit, add and save files. Read more

You can have a developer set up your own EBM server, or you can pay for access to Electric Book Works’ hosted service. Read more

How to sign into the Electric Book Manager. Read more

The EBM can currently output print PDF, screen PDF and website previews. For production ready copies, epub and app output, you will need technical assistance. Read more

When you use the EBM, you should know what happens with your data. This plain-language privacy policy explains what data the EBM collects and who has access to it. Read more