File lists

You should define which markdown files to include in a given output in the files: section of your book’s YAML file in _data/works.

If you don’t include a files: section in your book’s YAML file, some outputs will still work. For example, PDF outputs with no files specified will include all the markdown files in your book’s folder (with any file first, and the rest in alphabetical order).

For example, to add files to include in a print PDF, you can follow the example of the template: under files:, add a hyphen followed by the filename in straight double quotes. This filename is the exact name of the file as it is in your project, but without a file extension.

          - "0-1-titlepage"
          - "0-2-copyright"
          - "0-3-contents"
          - "01"
          - "02"

Epub file lists should also contain values that describe book parts as defined by the IDPF here. E.g.:

          - "0-0-cover": "cover"
          - "0-1-titlepage": "title-page"
          - "0-2-copyright": "copyright-page"
          - "0-3-contents": "toc"
          - "01": "text"
          - "02"