File lists

You must define which markdown files to include in a given output in the files: section of meta.yml.

For example, to add files to include in a print PDF, you can follow the example of the template: under files:, add a hyphen followed by the filename in straight double quotes. This filename is the exact name of the file as it is in your project, but without a file extension.

          - "0-1-titlepage"
          - "0-2-copyright"
          - "0-3-contents"
          - "01"
          - "02"

Epub file lists should also contain values that describe book parts as defined by the IDPF here. E.g.:

          - "0-0-cover": "cover"
          - "0-1-titlepage": "title-page"
          - "0-2-copyright": "copyright-page"
          - "0-3-contents": "toc"
          - "01": "text"
          - "02"