Quick start

This quick setup assumes you already have Jekyll, Node and Prince (for PDF output) installed. If not, see setup guidance here.

Create a new project

  1. Download electric-book.zip from the latest release and extract it.
  2. In the extracted electric-book folder, run the run- script for your operating system.

    (On OSX and Linux, you need to give it permission first.)

  3. Choose the ‘Install or update dependencies’ option first. You should only need to do this once.
  4. Run the run- script to generate a book.

    The template includes two books:

    • book: a bare-bones book to start working in; and
    • samples: a long book containing loads of examples.

Edit your first book

  1. Open _data/meta.yml and replace the sample book information there with your project and book information.
  2. In book/text, overwrite the template’s markdown files with your own.
  3. To change the design, edit the .scss files for each output format: set project-wide styles in _sass, and book-specific styles in book/styles.

There is much more detail in the docs.