PrinceXML settings

Alongside open-source tools, we depend on one proprietary, commercial application called PrinceXML, which is for creating PDFs. (If you’re only making ebooks, websites and apps, you don’t need Prince.)

The Electric Book template will automatically install PrinceXML’s free trial version when you run the ‘Install and update dependencies’ step in the output script.

Setting a Prince version

It is important for everyone working on a project to use the same version of Prince, or your team members might get different-looking PDFs. To set the version of Prince for everyone, set it in package.json:

  "prince": {
    "version": "11.4"

Adding a Prince license

In order to use a fully licensed version of Prince, create a folder in your project called _prince and save your purchased license.dat file in there.

If you want to change the location of your license file, you can do that in package.json. E.g. here we use version 10r7 and save the license file in a very specific place on our machine:

  "prince": {
    "version": "10r7",
    "license": "C:\Users\Jo\Documents\Prince\license.dat"